Learning Activities
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My Selfie
Key Stage 2

This activity is designed to support mindfulness, emotional wellbeing, improve confidence, self-esteem, build resilience and positive partnerships in the classroom.

Children explore difference, identity, equality, diversity and consider what makes them happy in this fun and interactive workshop.

They create a portrait using mixed media and think about self-image.

Creative Archaeology
Key Stage 2

Investigate fascinating objects from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Anglo-Saxon or Viking civilisations in this archaeological dig activity using detective skills and team work to collect the ‘finds’.

Create a cave drawing, hieroglyphic writing, mosaic artwork, clay pot or a brooch design inspired by our cultural heritage.

Toys Through Time
Key Stage 1

Children discover and handle traditional toys from the past to toys from the present day.

Studying materials, condition and design they sort and compare the toys to make connections.

They play traditional games, before creating a handmade toy of their own and listening to a story.

Key Stage 1/2

This creative geography activity explores your unique school environment, the natural landscape, local buildings, maps, our sense of place and schools around the world. Children create a photocollage artwork and learn about composition, proportion and perspective using mixed media.

Francis Leyland, Victorian Gentleman
Key Stage 1/2

Meet Mr. Francis Leyland who lived in Halifax 1813-1894; he was an antiquarian, publisher and the best friend of Branwell Bronte, brother of the famous Bronte sisters. Discover a collection of intriguing original artefacts and his design for the Halifax coat of arms.

Create a poem or story inspired by the beautiful Yorkshire landscape in this interactive role play activity.